Wednesday, November 5, 2008

There was a Dream...

I've always dreamt of being a writer. When I was very young, I wrote my stories with great pride and vigor. It didn't change as I grew older; in my late teens I began the first journey into writing a full fledged novel. I was excited about it, and reveled in its words and pages as they came to life. As many writers have experienced, I encountered a several blocks where I knew what was going to happen, but the words weren't coming out right. Along with that, there was this funny thing called "life" and since I wasn't in any position to be finished or making money on my writing, I had to deal with it as well, slowing my progression. I also had graduated from High School, and entered college, and looking back on my previous writing from this point, I scrapped it and began again. Not that the story didn't warrant a voice, but that my voice had increased in eloquency in the several years since it began and I knew I could do better.

Then, during my second rewrite, I sent in my papers and served a mission for the LDS Church, (also known as the 'Mormons'). For roughly 2 years I was focused on that, and my book was set aside, albeit never forgotten. Shortly after I returned home, I found myself engaged and later happily married and beginning a family. This in no way ruined my book, but expanded it to no end. Finally I perceived the end of the book, but at the same time, my life was writing a sequel. I had too much information to organize and life with five little ones was very busy.

Not that that has changed much. I still have five young ones running around, ages 3-9 and have taken on the responsibility of their education as well. However, there have been a select few people, most of them related to me in one way or another, others that I worked closely with during my years at Arctic Circle, that I shared the first several chapters of my book as they were written. Perhaps I chose my audience wisely, perhaps I'm a very engaging reader, or perhaps it is because my writing isn't half bad, that I never got a negative response. Well, that's not entirely the case - none of them liked it that it wasn't finished. And so here I am, 18 years past since I first played the Scattergories game and decided to write a book entitled 'Still From the Awakening Dawn', that I have had several of the aforementioned people ask me how it was going. And again, from a special Women's Broadcast this year, I was also prompted by Elder Uchdorf to begin my creation again, and so yes, family and friends, this book will get done!

I'm writing this blog, because my heroes for novel writing are the likes of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. I know I am far below their capabilities, and even as I begin my journey into the world of novel writing, I would like feedback about my writing. What do you perceive as my strengths and my weaknesses, because in all of this, I can only become better. Obviously, I am not going to change at every whisper of comment, for everyone has their own idea about the way things 'should be', but I want to know what everyone is thinking!

I'm not sure exactly what kind of items I will write about, but I do know there often will be rants and raves about certain situations and life as we know it. I am writing from my knowledge alone, as anyone does, and I'll be the first to admit I know very little about far too many things. I am a mathematician in heart, so if you see a flaw in any of my reasoning or a piece of information that might change my view, please comment it! Any accurate knowledge is welcome. That being said, hope you enjoy this blog!