Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a wonderful time it is to experience spring and reflect on the blessings we have received from our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is so appropriate that we watch the perennial tulips and daffodils beat their way through the thawing ground to begin life anew.  Though time makes the flowers die, they again grow into new life in the spring.  Just as time and sickness causes our bodies to age and die, through the resurrection of the Savior we all get the chance to be resurrected, to begin life anew.

I'm thankful for this beautiful season, to watch the world come alive and realize that no matter how hard and long the winter is, the day comes when spring is here, and the world will grow.  No matter what may befall us in this life, the time will come we will all be resurrected and begin our own new life.

You can't speak about Christ's resurrection without noting as well his atonement, his sacrifice that paved the way that we can also overcome our sins and shortcomings, and be worthy to live with Him again.

There is much said about his atonement, and I cannot do it any justice here.  It was the choice he made to follow our Heavenly Father's plan, so that we can not only find true happiness in this life, but that we may be able to attain eternal happiness in the life to come.

At this time, as we watch spring springing and feel the ever growing warmth of the sun, let us all remember the gifts of the Son of God, and with His help, try to become a little better every day.  Have a wonderful Easter!